More tower building

After a few hours of round the house, mowing lawns etc, I got stuck into the car again.

Today was continuing with the front strut towers.

First was to finish the passenger side by adding an an extra bar, and connecting the main rollcage tube to the new strut top.

I tacked welded in some temporary some bracing between the front caster rod mount and the existing from chassis rail (the funny cross in the bottom right of the pic above).  This was to give it enough strength to hold it in place when I cut out the sheet metal around the old towers.  This metal is going to be replaced, but with a series of flat panels that are much easier for the to make 🙂  The front sections will be replaced as well, but for now I need them to stay lined up so that they can be used as reference points as I build the replacement sections.

I added in the final bars to complete the main cross section that joins the left and right strut towers together.

Then started working on the drivers side, copying all of the same tubes and other pieces as the passenger side, then cut away all of the inner tower sheet metal on this side as well.

I then needed to make to top cap for the towers, for the front suspension to bolt onto.  I have designed a top to give me the same camber adjustment that I used to have, but with one less layer of metal than I had previously.

I’ve cut out the outer circular shape for the other side, but have not yet cut out the inner slots – so that’s the next job when I get another chance to get back into the shed.


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