Good days and bad days

Had a good day on Wed, got home early from Targa West recci and so got a few hours in the shed!

I was going to make this front section a bolt-on affair, to make getting the engine out easier.  It was going to be hard, and not very light, and then I had a brain wave (yes, they happen once in a while) and have come up with an easier way to get the engine and gearbox out easily, in one peice.  More on that later…

So, with that instead of having to make complicated mounts, I could just weld everything in.

There are still a few bits that I have left to do, once I buy another small bit of moly tube.

All the front end is now all nicely tied together, all the way up to the new strut top mounts that I’m going to make.

Some more angles…

Then it was onto building the mounts to hold the steering rack in.  It’s all adjustable in both dimensions, so that I can adjust bump steer as well as akerman angle.  This made it a little harder to make than it should have been, but…..  I can’t wait until I can get a mill, cause I could have made the brackets out of alloy a lot faster and nicer than the steel ones that I’ve done.

I made such good progress in these hours – was a good day.

Thursday got home from recci day two early as well – things only got worse from there, so no more progress to report.

Until next time…


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