Wow, time flies!

I’ve been a very lazy blogger!

For much of the last two months, not a lot of car progress has been had.  Between the flu, doing road closures at a few rallies, a car club slot car day with my little boy, and a couple of weekends cleaning up the shed and the used car yard and two months has gone.

A few managed to get a few car things sorted out, starting with cutting up one of the new S15s that I have collected in recent months.IMAG0194.jpg

Lots of right rear damage and passenger side door damage.  Cut the front off, and the left rear outer 1/4 panel and have stored them behind the shed.  The rest has been returned to the scrap metal yard.

With the rally car totally in pieces, there are bits of it spread throughout the shed that are taking up a lot more room than they do when its all together, I got too frustrated with it all laying everywhere so started operation shed clean.  The plan was to spend a day, get it all tidied up and then go again.  5 full days worth of weekends, adding new shelves, modifying a work bench and moving it to the other side of the shed, adding more insulation, taking a full trailer load of scrap metal away and its still not complete!  I am at least at the stage where walking in the shed no longer involves tripping over things at every step.

I ordered the parts to fix the rear shocks that I damaged at the Forest Rally, so they are ready to be dropped off, refilled with oil and re-gassed as soon as I get a chance.

One of the jobs to do was to fit the thermo to the new radiator, the other radiator was twisted and leaks after the crash.  Took the fan off and…


Hmm, need to add a new thermo fan to the shopping list….  Looks like it was spinning when the radiator bent.

One of the items that I wasn’t happy with was the rush job on the mount for the digital dash, so while it was 38 degrees on Saturday (too hot for me to go outside) I sketched up a new one, and let the mill cut it out while I stayed inside in the AC.  Was really happy how it turned out!

IMAG0230.jpg IMAG0247.jpg

Sundays weather was far more tolerable, so got stuck into the car and got a decent amount complete.

Made a nicer version of the suspension arm jig, so I can remake the right front arm.  The previous one worked, but it was rough and din’t make it easy to weld up the arms while they were in the jig…  This one is no masterpiece, but its a lot more accurate than the old one and is much easier to make the arm in.  Hopefully tomorrow I can get to GoGear and get some more moly tube, so that I can finish off the arm on Sunday.

I also managed to finish the top tube out to the strut tower, and have the lower tube 80% complete.  Another thing on the list to finish on Sunday.

imag0245 imag0244

The inner an outer sil panels are now all welded up, as are all of the layers of the A pillar.

As soon as the cage bars to the stut tops are fully welded, I’ll put the floor back in and start the process of getting the chassis ready for some paint and while that’s not even close to the end of it, it will be a big milestone that will keep the motivation up.


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