More little steps

The first things that I needed to do was to get the front right chassis rail pulled forward a few mm to get it all lining up perfectly.  Pulling it forward also pulled it in a bit, so it took quite a lot of fiddling, making improvised braces and pulling devices to get it all done.  Another 30 min job that took 6 hours.

After that was all in place, put the bonnet, doors, guard etc all on, sat the new windscreen in place and checked for alignment.  I’m really happy with how its all fitting together.


Then it was time for welding, and welding and welding, or so I thought…


Soon after that started, I ran out of welding gas, and being a Sunday it meant that I needed something else to do.

The crash has bent the steering arm and also the actual rack itself, so time to make another one.  Pulled one of the spares apart, stripped it, cleaned it all out, re-greased it etc.


While this was going on I started off a job in the mill for a mate, and let that run in the background, allowing the sound of metal chips to radiate through the shed.


I was concerned about the right front shock, as it took all the impact, and it has bent the ears on the lower tube.  I pulled the insert out, which I’ve never done before, so was quite nervous – but they are simple inside, well inside this section of it anyway!


After a number of tests with dial gauge to check it, it seems to still be perfectly straight. There is also no runout when supporting it at both ends and rotating it around. The action of the small shock shaft, and how the insert slides into the case is still silky smooth.  While I’m still going to get them checked, they may have actually survived!

The tabs on the main case were twisted a bit, so they need to be straightened.  My biggest issue was how do I hold this thing in the press without squashing the tube, but still bending two 8mm thick plates?

The answer is obvious, rig up a totally dodgy setup.


The porta power is holding down the part of the bracket that is still in the correct position, and previously the right hand side was sticking upwards a little.  A quick squeeze with the press and it came back nice and straight, with not a lot of pressure.

I’ve not got the two tabs sitting on the same slight angles as when they were made.


The insert still fits perfect too, so I didn’t make it worse, which was a worry as it was all sitting in the press and I was about to pull the handle….

I didn’t have any of the recommended grease, but its easily available and for $12 I’m going to go with the manufacturers recommended stuff rather than what I had at hand, so they will stay apart until next weekend, will re-grease them and re-assemble them then.


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