The Rally Story – SS1 and 2

The first two stages of the Rally are run on Friday night, around the foreshore in the middle of Busselton.  It’s a full tarmac stage, something that a car setup for gravel doesn’t enjoy a lot.  The last time I did laps around this course, I was in my old Tarmac S13, with well over twice the power, 9″ wide slicks, super low and hard suspension – this time was very different!


A picture from the parade lap, thanks to Dean Knowles for the image!

We had a good two runs, nice and smooth and clean, too much understeer, and as fast as the little motor would push us down the straights, and a bit of handbrake action at the hairpin for the spectators.  Our lack of power down the straights was so evident in the car, leaving us 19th in the state.  Not a great start, but that’s all she had on the tarmac – the gravel will tell our true rally pace.


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