Service A

After the transport from Busselton to Nanup, it was time to swap over from the old rally tires that we used on the tarmac, to a nice new set ready for the gravel.

After Cody the superstar wheel changer (6 yrs old and on the rattle gun – thats my boy) helped us change tyres onto our new MRFs, we had about 5 minutes to go before we needed to leave service, so I went around and checked the tyre pressures – 15psi in the right rear – oops.


No problems, start the air compressor and put some back in it.  Get air compressor, and something has hit it in the back of the truck, and the meal pipe connecting to the switch/regulator has been snapped off.  Time for plan C then.

The only other MRF that I have fitted to a rim is a left side tire.  Plan D then.  Grab two of the Dunlops that I have fitted up, and pop them on.  3 minutes till we are due out, better make this tyre change one count.  Cody rattled the MRFs off and we got the Dunlops on and made it to the out control just in time.

Nothing like a bit of a rushed tyre change to settle the nerves before the first stage….



  1. LOL…lucky you had something constructive to do else you would be tinkering on the car ;op


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