Lines, brakes, panels, wings – its all happening

First item this week as to pick up my shopping – fuel and brake line parts from Matt at Autopro Canningvale – awesome service and price, thanks guys!


Got all of the callipers fitted onto the hubs on all 4 corners, with brake pads etc all fitted.


Had the day off work on Friday, so made a final boot lid, from the moulds that I made previously.  Just need to trim the edges up and its ready to bolt on!  Total weight of 2.5kg, and strong enough to hold the pressure from the rear wing.  If it were not for the need to support the wing, this could have been just under 2kg.  We’re no pros, but we have come a long way with our fibre glassing since our first attempt 3 odd years ago.


JC paid me another visit on Sat, and we started the rear wing.  More on this as it grows.IMAG0422

Sunday afternoon I went and picked up a bonnet and some head lights, hopefully that’s the last big item that we need to get this thing going.  The photo below is the bonnet, surrounded by a dam, covered in a nice layer of gelcoat, the first step in making a mould of the bonnet (the steel one is nearly 19kg!) so that we can make a fibreglass one, and other fibreglass ones when we hit things and ruin this one 🙂  I’m aiming for a sub 4kg bonnet that is still stiff enough to feel like steel, time will tell if I’m dreaming or not – so the aim is a 15kg weight saving.


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