Extra long weekend

Had friday off work, so the first order of business for the day was to find some 15″ rims.

Ended up with these from a wrecker.  Not the Braid or Speedline that I want, but at $200 for two full sets they are a lot cheaper for now.


Glued the roof vent on, will then do some final finishing on it with body filler to get it all nice, then take a mould of it to make the real one.


Got the front guards back on, a whole day of body filler, primer, sanding, repeat – and then a gloss coat of paint to make it all nice for making the mould of it.

IMAG0165 IMAG0163

Painted the rocker cover and got all of that fitted on.


Machined up the subframe mounts and got all of those installed into the subframe.


Ended the weekend by getting the stock suspension arms on, so that I can measure out how much longer the new arms need to be.


More soon.


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