The sweet smell….

….of resin

Or not so much smell as I found out when trying some vacuum bagging for the first ever time.  A bit disappointing really, that smell was the best part.

Started by making a flat carbon panel, on a piece of glass to figure how to do it (and because I needed a flat bit of carbon for something else that is in the works)


Learnt a lot from that, so did a couple of other small parts.

Then started on a bigger piece.  I had done the mould for the right rear wheel arch flare a long time ago – time to lay it up and bag it up


Turned out nice, not perfect but I’m happy with the first vac bagging attempt of something this size.  Learnt a few more lessons to apply to the next part.

They are straight out of the mould, so they have not been trimmed yet but they weigh in at 320 grams, so considering the layers that are in them, and the strength of them I’m really happy about their weight.  I can easily make them a lot lighter if this was a tarmac car, but they are going to have to cope getting smashed with rocks, so they are a bit tougher and so heavier.

Used some high tech sticky tape to hold them on the car to see what they look like.


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