Saturday Update – 5 days to go…

The fuel tank as now been re-configured and now has a roll-over vent (the blue tube) and a fuel gauge (the silver circle cap) installed.  The roll-over vent is a special little valve that shuts the vent off if the car is upside down.  Without this, if the car is upside down the fuel will all drain out of the vent line – leaking fuel is not something that you want to add to a crash big enough to put you on your roof.

Its now also got a fuel level sender in it, so that I can see on the dash how much fuel is in the car.  The last fuel tank had one in it, that I used a lot.  For this year, I’ve not had one and I don’t like it as I’m never 100% sure what fuel is in the car.  So for must runs, I’ve had too much fuel in the car as I didn’t want to risk running out mid run.  I’ve now got it all configured so that I know how much is in there down to 0.1 of a litre :).  I don’t need it that precise, but I could, so……

Then started work on getting the windows ready to fit to the car.

The window trim has been glued to the window and the whole thing glued onto the car.

There is still some work left to do… :/

Got a bunch of other little bits cleaned up and fitted back onto the car.  The bigger items left that have to be done are the rear window, floor and wheels.

I’d still also like to do a lot of other performance enhancing things as well though.  It’s going to be a long week.


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