More dreams

Last night I had to change the oil in the car, so I either needed to cut a hole in the floor or take the floor off (the floor completely covers the bottom of the motor, where you drain the oil out of).  So I undid the bolts holding the floor on, but the floor also attaches to the front bumper.  Then it was either take the 8 bolts off that hold the fenders and bumpers on, or the 12+ screws and glue that hold the floor to the front splitter.  So funnily enough it was easier to just take the whole front off the car…..

And this is what you are left with.  A front end in one piece (sort of).  The next project that I want to do it to take a mold of this whole front and make a one piece fibreglass end for it.  The parts here are heavy in most cases, and that whole thing weighed a lot more than I was expecting.

So I’ll see how I go after waneroo as to if I can get a start on this one piece front clip.

Another angle:


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