New Steering – Progress Report

I’ve cut up the old steering column and re-made it.  The angles on the uni joints are now equal, so it should take out the harder to turn spots as you go from lock to lock.  Should lead to steering that feels more comfortable for me – and that confidence = speed. :).  In rotating the front wheels by hand, the steering wheel now spins at a constant speed – before you could see the wheel accelerate, then slow, then accelerate again.

Its just all tacked together at the moment, need to get more gas for the welder to continue…  Also want to put the car back on the ground and test it under load to make sure that I’ve got it right this time.

Also got one of the fibreglass front guard mounted on the car.  With white front guards she’s looking like a real bunky now 🙂

The rest of the weekend was moving rocks, mowing lawns, gardening, making cages for animals, cleaning up / cutting up old metal around the place (ok, around the shed) ready for a trip to the scrap metal yard to get rid of it all.


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