The big clean

After the race to get the rear end of the car chopped off, a new frame, firewall, fuel tank, etc etc all built – I had made quite a mess….

So spent some time after work and over the weekend at night to clean up.  It took a total of 14hrs!!!  Yes, the mess was that big…

I also re-organised a few things to make better use of the space around the middle of the shed – ready for the next car build 🙂

Added a shelf for the Tig welder to go on, to keep it off the floor and off he bench when I am working on larger peices.

Added some more shelves to the wall to put the containers of nuts and bolts, mounted the spray guns on the wall, plus lots of other little bits that I had planned to do a year ago.

Just a random shot….

Now, the next job is to get ready for the Albany events, and for this I need to make some storage space on the trailer – so its time to mess the shed up again 🙂


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