The day didn’t start well.  Race car battery was flat.  No Probs, just get the jump pack – flat too…

So after getting the road car down to the shed to jump the race car – can’t find the jumper leads…  Used some large cable, the earth lead from the welder and some vice grips got it all hooked up and the car started.  Jo put the road car away while I loaded the race car.  Then I stalled it half way onto the trailer.  Had to go get the road car, jump it again, etc….

Then tore the front splitter off getting it onto the trailer.

At this point, thinking great – what a day….

Out on the track, the car was fairly good.  Just struggled all day with the front end not having enough grip.

After some suspension and wheel alignment changes for the last run, I finally had enough front end grip to push. It was still far from perfect, but it was much better than it had been.  If only I had not torn the front splitter off it may have had the front end that I needed…..

Ended up with a 60.4.  A good time for the first ever run with the car in its current state.  Its funny to think that the first time I went to Waneroo with the Silvia as a fairly normal car and did a 65 second lap, and that was fast for a normal car!   In this game, a 5 second per lap improvement is massive.


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