And it starts again…

So, after a couple of good events, there is now a 6 week break until the next event.  So i figured I’d just quickly cut the rear of the car out….

The first step was to remove the fuel tank and then cut the boot floor out.  Quite funny really considering the amount of time I spent making this new floor and welding it all in a few years ago (I removed the spare wheel well to fit the fuel tank in a better location)

The first bar work was the rear end, joining the subframe to the rear cage structure.

The next part was to join the front of the subframe to the rest of the new chassis.  At this same time, I decided to replace the original part of the subframe that supports the nose of the diff.  This took a lot of weight out and it also made the rest of the chassis a better structure by running up to the nose of the diff.

The next lot of bars were more about supporting the suspension pickup points than supporting the diff or the chassis.

Another view above.

Below you can see the floor, and the bars supporting the nose of the diff.  The next step is to remove this floor.  At the moment, it is in the way of a bar that I want to run to one of the upper suspension mounts.

More soon.


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