Event 3 – Busselton Sprint

The event went well, the car worked good – just need to get the boost control a bit better to make maximum use of the power that she can make.

Finished 4th outright out of the 80 odd cars.  Made a mistake on the last run – tried a different line that did not work……  I don’t think it would have been enough for 3rd place, but it should have been a faster lap (was faster everywhere else in the lap, just lost it all on the one corner and following straight)

I have now bought a new solenoid for the boost controller – hoping that will help to control it better.  Will have to do a quick test run before Waneroo.

Next on the agenda modifications wise it to:

  • Tube frame the rear end
  • Clean up the aero underfloor of the car – was only very roughly put together for Collie
  • Mount the new rear wing that has been in the shed for the last year (see previous posts on the acquiring of the wing)
  • Add some more front downforce to balance up the new rear wings extra downforce.
  • Fit some stiffer springs as an experiment.

Some more posts and pictures of these mods as soon as I get out to the shed to make them 🙂


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