Much ado about nothing

No race car progress to report this week 😦

Saturday morning was an early one, with the air-con guy turning up to hook up the refrigeration lines for the air-con in the shed.  With that complete, it was time to do some shopping.

First on the list was some paint, then a car alarm.  I bought a new road car, but it needs some wheels painted and a new alarm fitted.  Spent the rest of the arvo doing some other little bits on the new car, with my trusty helper Sophie sitting in the passenger seat, watching a video, telling me how I should be doing things 🙂  Add in some more playing with the kids, and just like that, Saturday was over.

Sunday was going to be a couple of hours of paint wheels, then the rest of the day on the race car.  At around ten minutes to 7 (yes, pm), the rims were finally painted…..  There was no day left for the race car.

The rims are the originals from the race car.

The colour that I bought for these was too dark for my liking.  I originally wanted a bronze metallic colour, but couldn’t anything at the paint shop that I liked, so I had gone for a dark metallic silver pearly colour.  I found some older silver metallic paint, and mixed the two together.  Turned out really close to the bronzy type colour that I was looking for!  A definite case of more arse than class here – but I’ll take it.

And a pic of the new girl, on her first trip under my ownership…

I towed it home, as it was much easier that going all the way home, loading up the kids, driving all the way back, then home again…

And yes, that stupid white banner across the windscreen is already gone, as are the 20″ wheels.

She’s currently on axle stands, in a few pieces – as you would expect from me 🙂


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