Drivers footwell constructed

Spent most of my shed hours today getting the aircon (that I bought almost 3 years ago!) wired up, as I’ve got someone coming out this week to hook up the refrigeration lines.

So I’ve put the wall insulation up behind where the Aircon is being mounted, and ran the power cables from the head unit (the indoor bit) to the outdoor unit and hooked it up.  The wires for the head unit are all terminated and just need to be screwed onto the terminals once the AC guy has hooked up the piping and put the unit back onto the wall mount.

Once that was done, I got started on completing the drivers side footwell of the car.  The first task was to make the small in-fill panel to join up the panels that I built last time.

Then I had to remove the master cylinders from of the pedal box.  Next was making up cardboard templates for the last few panels.  I managed to get quite a complex shape in just two panels.  The panel sits directly behind the pedal box, with a recess cut out behind the accelerator, to allow room for its linkages to move.  You can see it in the pic below – taken from the other side of panel (ie. in the engine bay)

Once all the new panels were cut out they were all tacked into place into the car.  Then I used the pedal box mount as a guide and drilled the matching holes through the panel – this is where the master cylinders will bolt back in, sealing this back up.

And the final result.

And that was all the time I had left today. Next job is to get the passenger side and and dash area into the same state, then I can take the motor out and finish weld all these panels.


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