Fires and walls

Got a couple of hours done late this arvo.  Started work on the firewall, this separates the engine from the inside of the car, very good especially if there is a fire in the engine bay 🙂

I started working on the drivers side, as this is going to be the most complex side, due to the tight spaces around the pedal box.  I started by making the whole piece in sections of cardboard, all stuck together with tape.  Once this was all done, I had a template to start the metal work.  I decided to make it in two large pieces, with a third piece to form a complex angle that joins the two panels together.

So, the two large pieces are tacked into place.  I’m making this side out of steel and will be welding it in, as this is the side where my feet will live.  The panels on the other side will be in alloy and will be removable panels to allow easy access to the engine.

The oval slot, middle top in the pic, is for the steering column  to pass through.  The gap between the sheets, center of pic, will be filled with a separate panel that will run at an angle to the two sheets that are visible in this pic.  This angled piece is to allow clearance for the intake on the engine, but to also keep enough room for the clutch pedal to be fully depressed (clutch pedal not attached in this pic.)

The left side panel has three small bends in it to make it fit nicely against the existing tube work in the car, with another bend at the bottom to make it fit snugly under the pedal box but still leave enough room for a clutch foot rest (it’s going to be a small one!).

The next pic shows the right side panel nicely tucked into the roll cage, with a single 90 degree bend in it – bent on the folder that I made 🙂

I have tucked the interior panel into the cage like this as the original metal behind this area is full of different holes, not allowing a nice place to seal the sheet metal to.  Also, the longer term plan is to remove the factory material that is behind this section, so doing it this way allows this to be removed but leaving the inside of the car sealed off.

From the bottom of this right side sheet, another panel will run from here down to the back of the pedal box, sealing that section off.  This will leave the brake cylinders inside the engine bay as this is going to be the easiest way to access them if work needs to be done on them and it will keep all the brake lines outside of the cabin.  I could have built the firewall to keep the cylinders inside the engine bay, but it would have been so tight around the cylinders it would have made them really hard to access and the whole pedal box would have to be removed to change a cylinder.

I ran out of gas for the Mig welder, so that’s where progress stopped for the night.  Next on the list is the two remaining panels to seal off this side of the car, hopefully tomorrow night will see a little bit more progress.

I finally feel like the car is getting more complete, rather than further destroyed…


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