Steering complete

Got some time in today and got the steering rack mounts all complete, and the steering column all complete.

This is the mount for the steering rack.  The round hoop sections at the bottom of the pic is where the steering rack goes.  There are then two other hoops that bolt on underneath, holding the rack in place.

These are now painted all nicely in gloss black (still just in undercoat in these pics).

Then it was onto finishing off the rest of the steering column.  I had been out in the morning at some car wreckers and found a spline of the correct type to fit the universal joint that I was using.  So I cut the splined shaft off the part of steering that I got from the wrecker, machined part of it down in the lathe so it would fit inside the steering column that I had made previously.  So once this was circular and also plug welded (don’t want this bit falling off :)), then painted it was complete.

That pretty much finishes up the the work on the main mechanical systems on the car.  There is a small bit of welding to finish off once I get the motor out, but that will have to wait.  Next on the list to do is to construct the firewall and the small piece of floor in the rear section of the car – where the original rear floor will meet the new ‘aero’ floor.


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