Steering Machining

Thurs night I started machining the mounts for the steering column.

I used the lathe as a “horizontal mill” to do the edges.  I make a clamp that goes into the lathe tool post, and put the milling bit into the lathe chuck.  It worked well to a degree, the finish was nice etc, but it as there is no vertical adjustment, I had to remove the part, put spacers under it, then go again in order to be able to mill the full thickness – making it very hard to keep each pass parallel.  Can’t wait until I have enough $$$ for a proper mill.

The pics below are after one pass.  You can see the bit sticking out the bottom, that’s the bit that I need machine on a separate pass after spacing the part a bit lower.

Once the rough outline was milled, I started machining out the middle to hold the bearing.  This pic is only part way through the roughing out, so it looks a bit messy in this pic.  Once I finish it tomorrow I’ll post another pic.


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