Time is greater than progress

Spent a bit of time on the car on Sunday late arvo/night, but don’t have much progress to show for it.  Although I did cut out one circle and welded it to a piece of tube (The steering column as shown below)

Spent time getting the seat, pedals and steering wheel setup in the car, and clamping them all down so I can make the mounts.  I got the bolts for the engine mounts and the bearings for the steering column today, so will be able to get going on the steering column now.

I had to tweak the gearbox mount, after JC and I learnt more about diff pinion angles 🙂  I didn’t have pics of the finished mounts previously, so here they are.

Spent a few hours on the house too – some more cleaning up of junk around the place and some work on the new wall.  The wood paneling (its actually smooth decking) has been wet by the rain in these pics, hence the mottled finish.  Around three hours down, many many hours to go before its done.


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