Kin Kin Rally

Last post the thrash was still on to get everything finished on time.  So a quick catch-up post to keep the story on this blog complete.

We got it all done in the end, without too much overtime being worked.


Passed scrutiny, and made the trek down to Manji for the weekend.


The aim for the weekend was two fold, just finish, and get used to a new notes system.  I am trying a change from 1-6 to a 1-10 system.  Writing the notes for this new way was easy enough – the challenge is going to be hearing a lot of numbers that I’ve not been used to hearing before.

The stages were really fun, very technical and tight in a lot of places, with patches of loose sand mixed in for some variety.  We took a no risk approach, and with a bit of luck going our way we ended the day 2nd 2wd car, and 5th outright.

With nothing major to fix post this event, it was time to finish off a bunch of jobs that never got properly done in the lead up to this event, and to finish making a few more spare parts for the car.


Image courtesy of Drift Images Photography


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