9 weeks, 3 days…

That’s how long it is until the first event of the year!  Take into account that scrutineering is during the week before, its just over 8 weeks to go………

That is all the more scary when it currently looks like this.


Huge thanks to JC who spent the day yesterday helping fitting in the floor, which is now all tacked into place.  A bit more welding, and some grinding and then I can paint it and start the re-assembly.

Since the last post:

The front suspension arms, including spares are 90% complete.



All of the seam welding was doneimag0296


The new pedal box is in progressimag0254


New fuel tank completedimag0339


New tank meant new fuel pump and filter placement, so that needed a couple of brackets.imag0338


Strut tower re-enforcement and strut brace mount completeimag0347

Plus I’m sure a lot more, all that I failed to take a picture of.

I’ve ordered a bunch of different parts, ready for the reassembly- so many more parts than you would think have been destroyed.  Everything from gearbox cross members being bent, to simple things like relays that are now in two pieces.

More soon…


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