Donor car on the jig

Got the blue car positioned exactly central over the jig, and have started making up mounts to hold various parts of the car.

Started with one in each corner of the sil panels, holding the pinch welds under the car.IMAG0057

Also did a bit of cleaning up around the shed, here is what is left of the right front rim.  At least like this it makes un-mounting the tyre really easy.


The impact has bent the mounts on the shock absorber, broken the brake caliper off both of its mounts, snapped the lower suspension arm, bent the front cross member.  Luckily the engine and gearbox mounts both bent when everything moved, so the engine block and gearbox case seem to be undamaged.  The pedal box frame is also going to need to be rebuilt, as its bent, and the throttle pedal will need to be re-made as its been bent sideways and twisted around, also breaking the rose joints used as the linkage – I still had my foot on the throttle on impact, sometimes never lift doesn’t work out…


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