Chassis Jig – The beginning

After a couple of hours on youtube, watching all sorts of cars get straightened, I’ve now got a tiny bit more of an idea as to how to go about going this.

First step was to buy some thick walled steel.


The it was time to fire up the mill and let it machine out some plates that will be used to bolt this whole contraption together.  It is going to be too big to store in the shed in one piece, and as I’m sure this won’t be the last time I bend it I want to be able to keep this thing.  So the plan is to be able to unbolt it all, to store it as single lengths – it will make more sense later – I think.


Then its just a job of welding it all together, keeping it exactly square and level.


We then end up with something like this, now to get a car on top of it.




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