So how bad is it?


Stripped the car the weekend after the event, with the help of the family. I’m still too sore to do much, so I could not have done it without them – thanks!


And no, its not an optical illusion, it really is that bent in the front right.  Parts are bent in, other bits are higher than they should be, other bits twisted.  At a minimum the whole right front corner needs to be replaced.


I found a damaged shell cheap on Saturday, so went and picked that up too.  It’s bent front left, so it no good as a complete shell, but a perfect donor for right side chassis rails.


I’ve been to a few panel beaters, the answers have ranged from ‘no way, start again’ to ‘yeah, maybe, but its not going to be cheap’.  So the cheapest quote was still more than I can stomach, so I’m left with the options of give up, or have a crack myself…


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