Work, work, work

One of the items on the list for the next event is some more under body protection.  The rear A-arms were completely striped of paint, and peppered with marks from rocks.  Time will tell how long these stay on for – may need metal ones if these mud flap material ones rip apart.



Been busy collecting tyres, got three different brands that I’m going to try over the rally weekend.



New pedal box is finished and reassembled.  Painted the floor last thing on Sunday night, so now that it is dry I can refit the pedals and hook up the lines.IMAG0963[1]


The switch panel was rushed before the last event, and I wasn’t happy with it.  So it was time to make a new top plate.  Laid up a new piece carbon and as soon as that was set it was time to start cutting things out.



The centre console now has all of its switches, and most of the wiring under it is done.  I’m just waiting on a couple of electrical plugs to arrive so that I can finish this off.



Also milled out the end plates for the plugs to fit into.  The bottom plate is awaiting its plugs.IMAG0968[1]


Got a bunch of body work done,   fuel pump, filter and reg all refitted, old pedal box floor mounts removed and the area repainted, got most of the fuel tank vent system finished, plus a whole load of little odd jobs.  I need to remember to take more photos!


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