Feeling good, large chunks of progress

While the paint inside the car is dry, I want to leave it to hard a bit more before I do too much inside, so it was time to do some work underneath.

Got the fuel tank in, and fuel pump mounted.


Got the rear subframe all in, shocks mounted, tyres on, fuel pump and regulator plumbing done!


Plumbed the line from the subframe to the car.


Mounted the jack, wheel brace and spare tyre mount.


Got droop?

As it turns out, I could have gotten another 30mm of droop out of it before the driveshaft hits the subframe 😦  Oh well, we will see how it handles, and if I feel that I need it, I’ll get a quote on getting some more out of it when they are over east being serviced in the future.  I already have a lot more travel than the ‘standard’ S15 MCA setup, maybe I’m just being greedy now….


Starting to work on the lines from the fluid reservoirs to the masters.  Will mount the pedals in this weekend! (they are just sitting there right now)


One comment

  1. Thank goodness for your updates Mike!! Im sitting at a CAMS  state council meeting with some old people… Hope to catch up with you soon x

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