Life changes

For a number of reasons, I’m no longer going to be competing in the Speed Event Series, or even on tarmac.

The series is great, as are the organisers and most of the competitors, but more and more of the hill climbs are being rated by CAMS as being too dangerous for cars with no roll cages (which I do agree with – Hill climbs are the whole reason the S13 got a cage in the first place).  As the series caters for all types of cars, many normal road cars without cages it takes 70% of the people out of the event, so the events don’t happen.  These hill climbs are the events I love, I tolerate the circuits stuff to do Meelup, Pemberton, Wind farm etc.

Add to this, the dirt rally stage that I drove in the Falcon on the weekend was so much fun, just did skids for 22kms – and even though a 1970, 1700kg falcon is the worst rally car you could think of it drove really well and I had so much fun and actually set a decent time even though the rest of the field had pace notes and we just used the road book (the Syd-Lon is a road book event, and thats what we are practising for, so….)

So, with all that in mind, and the amount of fun I had, and speed I had, in a really inappropriate car the thirst for dirt is back.  I always said that one day I would go back to dirt, and I guess today is the day……


So I had a quick look at what S series shells were around, and on the forums I find an S15, in my suburb, about 4 streets away – and at the right price as it had no engine, gearbox or interior like seats, hood lining etc!  Perfect!  It has the dash, all the glass, front door trims and I have engines and boxes.   It was meant to be……


As you would expect, the car has been in its new home for a few hours and I’ve already stripped it, more to come as we start on a new road.

image image


Tank and subframe are out.


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