Finally a good Monday.

No work meant more play and I made good progress.

First off I made a rotisserie out of scavenged metal that I had.  It’s so that I can spin the car sideways, upside down or any angle in between in order to work on it and weld it up.  Welding upside down is never fun…


Then used the patented chest of draws on a go-jack chassis transportation method


to get the chassis off the hoist and over to the rotisserie, and got it all mounted up.

image image

With that done, I started on the real work. First up, new side intrusion bars.


Then rotated the car to work on the new roof cross bar.  Being able to spin the car around like this to work on it was sooooo nice 🙂


Then added the Carlos Bar to the door opening.


Next job is to make the seat mounts, but had to go plant some new trees and do some reticulation work in the garden.


Spent the rest of the night cleaning up the mess I made…


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