The days work

And at the end of the day, here is where we are at.

The roof is nearly prepped for molding, one more round of sanding and spray putty and she should be good.


The roof scoop is done.  This is for driver cooling.


Another view.


The side skirts on the drivers side are getting close to completion too.


Another view of the skirts.



So what do you do 3 hrs after you cut the rear of the car off, when you realize that you really need the wheel arch flares on the car so that you can match the side skirts to them?  A few pop rivets, a strip of alloy tube and some masking tape of course!



Also began the initial design of the new front bumper.  From the original car lines, out to the edge of the new bumper, you can see how much wider we’re making it.  Its going to look epic!



Also started experimenting with some new aero designs for the rear end…


Not sure of the downforce to drag ratio on this one though…


One comment

  1. Seriously wish I had the skills to do something like this with my Supra!! Coming along really nicely guys, it’s great to be able to follow the progress so closely. Keep it up…

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