Waneroo Results

It was a hot day, and a slippery track, but we managed to do quite well.

  • 1st in class for the day
  • New class record for the long circuit at Waneroo (Fastest ever lap by a car with a roof in the Speed Event Series competition!)
  • 2nd Outright for the day

This meant that we not only won our class for the whole year, but also managed to get 3rd outright for the year behind two of the open wheelers.

A huge thanks to Simon at GTI Performance Centre for the motor and gearbox that are in the car now, could not have completed these final two events of the year without your help.

I also need to thank the family for putting up with me for another year 🙂


One comment

  1. Congrats on a super effort, great to see such fantastic results coming from all your blood sweat and tears. I’d be happy to achieve half the level of talent you have as a driver…

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