Weekend work

The first order of business was some cleaning up of the shed – something that was VERY much needed.

Spent 6hrs cleaning up the floor, packing tools away, putting things back on shelves and it was time to do some real work.

In the last few events, I’ve had issues with the buttons on the steering wheel that operate the functions in the dash.  So, two new buttons installed – hopefully the issues are now fixed.


Continuing with the electrical theme, I re-did the master feed wires from the battery.  The starter motor is now not part of the circuit that has the 100 amp breaker on it, as I was tripping the breaker when cranking the car over for longer periods of time.  So there is now a new battery kill switch, and the other items have been modified to make it all a little better, and a little lighter.


Then it was onto the starter switch.  This was sticking on some times, so its been replaced with a new button, as previewed a few weeks ago.


Next up is a new ignition switch which I picked up today, then the electrics are done (for now anyway – some ideas for next year are in my head for further reducing weight.)

Also make some mods to the passenger window, finishing it up to a nicer standard than it was at Pemberton, where I was very limited on prep time.

The front wheels are off, ready to change the front end wheel alignment – taking some camber our.  Starting this is tonight’s job, but its not a fast job…..

Then its just a bunch of clean-up items to be ready for Thursday scrutineering …  checking oil, bleeding brakes, coolant levels etc.


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