Sorry, too sleepy to be enthusiastic today…

All the piping and wiring for the motor is done, radiator is back in and the engine is filled with oil and coolant.  All of the wiring and pipes to the gearbox etc are done, the steering rack is back in, made a new hydraulic line for the gearbox, the brakes and clutch have been bleed, starter motor and alternator wiring are done, etc etc…

Also had to cut and modify the exhaust to make it fit with all the new gearbox and car frame.

New gear shifter has been finished,  here is part of it that goes into the gearbox itself.  On the right side the two silver rings are bearings, with a black plastic spacer between them. There is an outer housing that is pressed onto this to connect to the new gear lever arm.

Here is the shifter when its all put back together

Still lots to do….  :/


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