I hate Jacks Hill….

Last weekend was the hillclimb at Jack’s Hill.  This is a place that’s not been kind to me in the recent past, and I was really hoping for a change in luck.

Practice was OK. I took it easy, just getting the tyres cleaned up, and everything warmed up.

Run 1, started OK, but turning into the top part of the circuit there was a bang from the rear of the car, then turning into the next left got a big slide going…. Great I though either flat tyre or broken suspension, and I’ve not even finished a timed run. The curse strikes again.

Pulled off the track, drove back to the finish and parked it. Got out expecting to see the right rear flat or hanging out… Nope, that looks OK.

Hmmm, the rear window is gone…..
The rear tyres are covered in glass, explains why it was slippery…

So, after cleaning up all the glass, from the track, and from the back of the car, was ready to try again.

Next run, slow but at least I made it. Crossing the finish line at speed felt like winning the world championship! Maybe the curse is dead?

Next run was better, a lot more commitment, 2 seconds faster. Two runs in a row without a failure!!!

Run 4, pushed harder again, another 3 tenths faster.

Run 5, time for a real all or nothing run. Was going faster until about half way through.

There is part of the course between a fast right corner and the left hairpin. Each run I’ve been wanting to punch the throttle between the two corners, just didn’t think it was possible.

Run 5, being the all or nothing run, was the perfect time to try it. Well, as it turns out, you can’t. Ran wayyyyy wide at the hairpin, loosing all the time that I’d made up, ohh well….

So after a poor start, ended up 1st in class, first tin top, 4th outright and a new class record for the track, so not a bad day in the end.


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