The first real part off the mill

I had done a few cuts with it, to see it going, but here is the first real part.

Its 5mm alloy plate – the start of a tool holder for the tooling bits for the Mill.

All those holes are perfectly aligned and spaced – something that I’ve never been able to do by hand, until now that is 🙂  The outer edge has been machined too, so its perfectly square too.

The weight and rigidity of the mill has made a massive difference to even my existing tools, like my hole saws.  On the mill, they cut so much cleaner on the mill than they ever did on the drill press – I’m very impressed, and happy.

I made a little overhead cupboard to store all the tolling for the mill.  I wanted something with a door on it to protect all of the finely machined surfaces of the tools from flying angle grinder sparks, weld splatter and any other muck that I’m spraying around.  The tool holder shown above will live in this cupboard too.

Pics soon….


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