Jacks Hill – Not the best of days…

Hillclimb at Jack’s hill last weekend, did a practice run, talking it a bit easy, just putting heat into everything.  First timed run ended about 1/2 way through with a bad miss-fire and then the motor stopped and locked solid.  😦

Couldn’t get it to start again, motor would not turn over by hand either.  Not a good sign…

Packed it onto the trailer and took it home.  At home discovered the 4th cylinder was full of fuel.  Removing the injectors show that the bottom o-ring has failed, allowing fuel to fill the cylinder.  As the RPM was very low when it stopped, the motor may be ok, but there is a chance that its bend a rod.  Compression tests fine, so at this stage I’m just hoping its ok.

I’ve ordered new o-rings for all injectors, and I’m getting them tested while they are out to make sure they are all ok and are flowing evenly.

When the injectors come back I’ll chuck them back in and she’ll go on the dyno and we’ll see if it’s ok, or if it blows up…


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