Wind farm Hillclimb

Albany, 6.30 am, hail, thunder, lightning, and heavy rain, what a great way to start a day of motor sport!

Luckily, the last of the front passed over at 7.30 and after that it became a beautiful 20 degree day.

For practice the road was still very wet, was impressed how well a full set if slicks still gripped in these conditions, I thought it was going to be too wet for them.

By the first run it was almost 100% dry, so it was game on.

First run was a 36.5,  fastest outright by 2 seconds, going OK so far.  I knew this would not last as the others grew in confidence, but I was happy with that for my first ever run here.

Ended up finishing the day with a time that would have won last year 😦  With some faster cars here this year, I still managed to get 2nd outright and to win my class.

So in all it ended up being a good day.


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