We peaked at 370hp at the wheels at 18psi!  Woooh!

We could have wound it up even more, intake temps were still really good – but I didn’t want to risk it just to get a number.

The only thing we broke today was the 300hp mark, which had eluded me in all my previous cars until today.

We’ve wound it back to 15psi – 350hp and that’s how its going to be raced.  I’m not convinced how long a stock motor will last for at 370hp and 18psi of boost, and I can’t afford to find out.

The boost solenoid is playing up a bit, will try play with a few of its settings on the track and see if that changes things, else I might need a new one :(.  Running in closed loop (aka smart mode) its producing a big spike in the mid range, then a big dip – so at the moment its running open loop (no automatic feedback, aka dumb mode)

But considering that I have changed absolutely everything on the outside of that motor and fitted cams inside the motor, I’m so happy that everything worked, and nothing fell off!


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