Busy weekend

Its only two of days until the tune – so a lot needed to be done…


Got the glass all back into the car.


Put the fenders and stuff back on


Finished off all of the electrics to the dash, including the steering wheel buttons to change screens on the dash display.


Finished the floor on both sides of the car.

Just have the little bit around the exhaust to finish yet (bottom left corner of the pic above)

The next pic is the floor from underneath.  The front under tray extends down the tunnel to fill the gap between the two sides of the floor.  I wanted it removable like this so that I could access the bottom of the trans tunnel.  The floor sections shown here are glued in place (as well as bolts and rivits) to seal the inside of the car off from the outside – so they are not easily removable.


The new exhaust.  The inital plan was to run no muffler at all.  The muffler that was on the car was one that I had made myself, I figured how much difference could it have made.

Well it turns out that it made a big difference.  Without any muffler, the noise was loud, obnoxiously loud, even at idle.  So, if I was going to run a muffler, it had to go on before the tune.  Another 4 hrs work that I really didn’t need at this stage, but….

I’ve cut out the sil panel and the muffler is tucked in where it used to be.  Once I have made the side skirts, they will cover the muffler and only the exhaust exit will be showing.

More soon….


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