Coolant system modifications

The first job completed in the last few days was to cut up the radiator.  So the original top mounting tabs were cut off, as was the radiator cap mounting.  The radiator cap is going to be in another section of the system, as the radiator is now laying down, so the cap location is no longer the highest point in the system (which is where you need it to be for it to all work properly).

On the lathe I machine some threaded spuds to weld onto the top the radiator, to allow it to receive a bolt.  This makes the installation of the radiator much easier in its new location.  I then cut a circular piece of flat plate, to weld over the hole where the radiator cap was removed.  Then it was time to make a new, larger water outlet at the bottom of the radiator.  This larger outlet is to match up with the larger inlet of the electric water pump, making the plumbing of this much easier as everything is now one size for that section of piping.  I used some alloy pipe, that I welded a ring around the end, then machined this on the lathe to create the retaining lip on the end, that holds the hose on.

This was then re-painted in black wrinkle paint like the rest of the radiator is.

Attention was then turned to modify the intercooler.  Don’t you just love buying nice, new, expensive parts, then taking an Angle Grinder and cutting the ends off it :).  I’ve made up the new curved outlets, and these have been welded together.  The more alloy that I weld, the better I’m getting – along with the help from the new amperage adjustment that is now on the hand piece on the TIG.  They are still not perfect welds, but I was really proud of how these welds turned out (it looks worse in this picture than it does in life).

I still need to weld these onto the intercooler, but this needs to wait until the engine goes back in, so that I can align these outlets in the correct direction to point them to the turbo and the inlet of the engine to make the pipe lengths as short as possible.

Then I cut up the coolant swirl pot that I made about a year ago during the “motor swap” that I was doing, that has now seen a full new chassis being built :/.  Anyway, this now meant that to make the chassis the best it could be, a tube needs to pass through the center of this tank.  So, back then I took the decision to modify the tank and make the chassis in the ideal way.  Now it was time to pay for that decision…. The grinder came out again and the mounting and the water inlet pipe were cut off and ground all smooth.  This is as far as I can go for now, it needs to wait until the motor goes back in so that I can orientate the new inlet to the tank correctly, and make the new mounting bracket for it.

After a 39.9 degree day today, predictably no progress was made… Tomorrow is going to be the same weather wise, but I’m hoping to get out there tomorrow night to finish the painting of the chassis center section, so that the motor and gearbox can go back in, allowing all of the other items above to be finished.


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