See my 9 inches of glory

Started work on the front suspension last night, and have the right front mocked up in place to start designing the mounts for the suspension arms and the steering rack.

As an experiment, I put the old rear rims and tyres (255 wide tyre on a 9inch rim) on the fronts, and they actually clear the struts with the current setup.  So I put on the 25mm wider guards that Neil got a hold of, and it actually all sits very nicely in there 🙂  I previous had 8″ rims with a 240 width tyre – this extra rubber should mean a good deal more grip.

The wider guards actually looks quite nice, the extension of width is quite subtle.

Ohh yeah, nice and FAT!  JC – I’m coming for ya!

Now, to find some 10 inch rear rims, so that I can get some 280 or 300mm wide tyres on the rear 🙂

More soon I hope…



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