Still more work, still no play…

Only two more days until the birthday party, so the pain is nearly over…

The fence out the back has now had all its poles cut to proper length and re-oiled, the rear gate now has a proper latch, the front fence is now a lot more complete than it used to be.  30 odd new little native plants have been put out the front now as well.  Add in some more paving, digging some trenches for water drainage (and a ‘quick’ trip to wanneroo raceway to watch car do laps) and the weekend was over…

So while there is hasn’t been any car progress in terms of work, I’ve purchased some composite alloy sheet for the floor.  No progress with it, but at least the sheets are in the shed.  Same goes for some lexan sheet – super tough, lightweight plastic for new side and rear quarter windows.

More soon…


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