Small Steps…

Spent most of the weekend doing house stuff, getting ready for Sophie’s birthday at the end of the month.

Only managed to get about an hour on the car over the course of the weekend.  I used my new bender to bend up some sheet to start building the firewall and floor.

This pic is from inside the front wheel well, looking back at where the pedals are.  So this section is now sealed up.

Another view, from a lower angle.

I also made the panel to cover the upper part of the transmission tunnel – the section where your radio and air-con controls would normally be.

I also cut up my old exhaust, so that I can use the bits to make the new exhaust.  The ‘new’ parts are now cut up and I’ve mocked the new exhaust up, with the bits all taped together.  I’ve just got to make the final outlet in an oval shape, and then the main fabrication of it will be done.  The rest of it is ready to be final finished, then welded.  Once that is done, I’ve just got to add two mounts to it.  One will go from the first section of the exhaust to the gearbox – to take any flexing load off the back of the turbo charger.  There will be another small mount near the outlet, that is going to be near the front edge of the passenger door.



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