Shed Post!

Posting from the shed for the first time 🙂

Been working on the mounts for the pedal box tonight. I’ve also had the pedal box apart and re-drilled the pedal mounts for a different angle on them. The mounting holes are all in the base plate, and I’ve also taken out some of the material from the main mounting box, to make it lighter. I hadn’t done this before as I was unsure of where it was going to mount to the car.

Along with this, I’ve also added another small bar to the chassis to mount the front edge of the pedal box to. JC has his mounted to strengthened parts of the standard car floor, and under braking it is bending the floor – that’s how much force you are putting into the brake pedal at racing speeds!


I’ve also added a small bar to the drivers side seat mount, to tie it into the rollcage better. This is instead of the diagonal idea. This small piece is a lot lighter than a full diagonal, and I feel that its every bit strong enough.


I can’t wait to start building the next chassis (after this one is done and I’ve raced it of course), as I have learnt so much during this build so far. There are already so many things that I will do differently next time – to make it stronger, and lighter at the same time. Probably the biggest part of this will be designing the frame so that things like the seats, pedal box, steering etc will all just mount direct to the chassis, with no need for extra bits to adapt to them like I’ve had to do this time.

More tomorrow…..


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