Roses and Seats

Got the rose joint for the other end of the steering column today.  No other progress on the steering yet.

Its a lot bigger than I was hoping for, but a bit of cutting, grinding and sanding will have it much lighter in no time 🙂  I’ve also got the two locking nuts for it, and they have already been in the lathe tonight and are now 1/2 the thickness that they used to be (and more importantly half the weight!)

Got an hour in the shed tonight, made some good progress on the seat mounts.

Made up the little spigots, and a connecting bar.  As usual with these things, on little piece of tube on both sides was an hours fabrication.  So both of these are welded and are mounted onto the seat, and I’ve put the seat back into the car.  Where these mount onto the car frame has been decided, and with some luck I’ll be able to get at least one side made if I can get another hour tomorrow night.


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