Mounted – the pictures

In last weekend’s post, I didn’t have any pics of the completed gearbox mounts.  Did a little bit of cleaning up and some more work in the shed last night, so took some pics.

This pic is taken from under the car.

The left picture is from the passenger side, the one on the right is taken from underneath.

After doing a lot of shed cleaning, and outside cleaning, I put the seat and pedals into the car and started lining them all up ready to make the mounts for them.  I think its all planned out now, but its never until you get onto the track that you really know if you got the seating location right.

I’ve decided on the final design for the seat mounts, just need to get a small bit of moly tube in the right size to able to do it.  So i’ll grab that tomorrow, ready for the weekend.

Hopefully I can get the seat mount done, and then get at least some of the pedal box mount done, and super optimistically hopeful that I can even a mock-up the steering shaft and steering wheel, to make sure I’ve make it comfortable before I weld it all up :).  Time, as always, will tell….


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