Car Time!

Got some car time this weekend.  Got the pedals finished – just need to hook up the throttle and the throttle stop – need to get it in the car and hook it up to the motor to work out the travel range etc.

I’ve also finished building and have final welded the two new front chassis rails. (Shown sitting inside the old rails in this picture.  The old rails will be removed once the space frame is done.)

I’ve also 70% built the drivers side upper front bar too.  This will run from the base of the windscreen (on the under dash bar on the roll cage), down to the joint just before the C-Clamp in the picture above.  This will triangulate that section, increasing its strength to well above what the standard rails were – but lighter 🙂

Once those bars are done, I need to put another 4 little brace pieces from the main cage to these new front chassis rails to support them from moving laterally.  Then its going to be onto engine mounts and front suspension mounts.  Once they are done I can start putting the floor and the firewall back in!  It will feel good to start putting bits like that in, rather that alway seeming to be cutting things out 🙂


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