Sunday’s Toil – The Final Toll

My lovely wife got me some grinding discs and sanding belts on her way home, so there were a couple more things that I could get done.

Got another 4 bars into the structure, so the frame is complete apart from the seat rails. I’ve designed it all, just need a small piece of tube to finish that off.

Put the seat in to check the size of the tunnel and it’s shape, to make sure the seat will fit as it has a very wide lip on the front edge of it.  The funny shape that I’ve had to make the tunnel means that it fits perfectly 🙂  You can also see the extra headroom now that the seat has been lowered on the new floor.

All of the floor that I’ve taken out, weighs in at approx 25 kgs.  The tubes that I have used so far come in at 9.8kg.  So, add some weld and lets call it 10kg.  This means that we are currently on target to be under the weight of the existing floor, but at the same time it’s already sooooo much stiffer, and the composite floor skin is not even on yet!

PS.  I LOVE the rain!!!


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